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Herzkarte für Stampotique


To be polite I write a bit english today. Well, I try. I want to participate in the latest Stampotique Challenge, like my fellow blog „Fröbelsternchen“ did.

To be honest: I only understand half of all the challenges written in english, because I am a lazy girl… translating is hard work for a brain like mine. 🙂 But I hope I am doing the right thing to dare.

Here is my entry for the challenge, and certainly its made with my own stamps and a little help of Judy Kins. I love her designs and her attitude, she is one of the most creative persons I ever met.

But the images of Stampotique are unique as well. Check their blog and be excited like I was when I first saw them..

The card was stamped on a wooden surface, one of my favourites! I like the texture of wood and how it is soaked with color from pad and brush. I use Brilliance for all my prints on wood, as long as its not coated. The photo is a bit unsharp, I apologize for that, I can´t do better.
Diese Karte entstand eben schnell für die aktuelle Challenge der Firma Stampotique (alle links oben). Die haben total abgefahrene Stempelmotive, aber das schaut ihr euch am besten selber an.
Ich habe mit Brilliance auf Sperrholz gestempelt, einer meines liebsten Untergründe.

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