DIY Easter

Easter decoration with a punch

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When I saw a delicate porcellain egg in a local store my first thought was how I can make this on my own. I cannot craft porcellain pieces, for sure, but I can help myself.

So I made a similar egg with things I had on hand. I only bought some short pins, because I didn´t want to waste my sewing pins for this project.

What you need to make this pretty embellished egg is shown in the second picture: At least one punch (I used the small one), pretty paper (I used vellum), pins and a styrofoam form.

Plus I recommend using a tool, that I made for such occasions: I put a thick needle into an old cork, and prick some small holes into the flowers before putting a needle in, so the process will be much easier and quicker, you will be lucky about that if you put millions of flowers into your form!

Take care you cover the whole styrofoam with flowers, or whatever you choosed as an embellishment. If you use darker paper for the flowers then paint the form with matching acrylics before you start … no part of the form should be seen if you´re done and a matching underground helps a lot. I finally painted all pinheads with some white nailpolish, but that´s up to you.

To finish the work take any pretty ribbon and fix it with another needle. Voilà!

PS: Try another shape with that technique. Think about balls, hearts or whatever you find in your local crafts store.

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