I love to crochet, it´s the easiest technique on the planet. But I often have met people, who think it´s tricky and don´t even try. Now I have found a way for those poor folks, to crochet a three dimensional form without knowing anything about increase and decrease.

First you will need a few things most of you already have:  some yarn, a crochet hook, a styrofoam egg or any other shape and pins, pins, pins (forgot to put them into the scene).

If you are able to crochet a circle you will have to make at least two of them for the top and bottom, but you also will be fine without them.

Check the eggs bottom on my seconds picture: You can see that it works with some stripes too.

The stripes are so simple, every 5 year old can do this (my son could do it when he was 8). Crochet some loooong chains and work one row of single crochet on each of them. You will need a lot stripes. I really mean a lot, even me crocheting queen had to do some more than I first thought.

Then pin the stripes or whatever form you made onto the styrofoam. That is easy but will take some time (remember you will have to make some more stripes, hehe).

While pinning you can go wild! I used the second circle, that was meant to be the bottom, as a kind of bulls eye. It was fun to play with colors and forms. Use more than one color. Use other shapes. The possibilities are endless.

Try to pin into parts of the stripes that are overlapped by the next row. You don´t need to be very exact, no one will recognize one or to pins that can be seen when you use your microscope.

PS: German tutorial is here
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