I am sorry to be late with my easter special. I promised to show a fun project I made years ago.

After I had the idea to crochet vegetables, I thought it might be funny to make one that can change its appearance. So I made „Carl Carrot“, a veggie fellow who can change his look.

First I show you his birth:

Here you can see Carl when he was two days old:

Then Carl wanted to look like a real german (let me tell you that germans DONT look like this, never ever!):

After his german phase he wanted to try something new, so I made him his french outfit: A crochet bonnett, a red scarf and a very handsome moustache. Doesn´t he look amazing?

While he was changing I made this picture of him. He has no idea I took the photograph, he would hate me for this 😉

I hope you like Carl. I do.

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  1. Du bis‘ ja soooo bekloppt! Eine Möhre is ja ok, aber wer bitte schön kommt noch auf die Idee diverse Mützen für das Teil zu zaubern! HIHIHI, cool 🙂

  2. hihi..was „quatsch ich eigentlich englisch…du verstehst mich ja 😉

  3. wow great ideas♥ Ilove it!

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