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DIY nailart

Spring nails

For this weekend, it had to be green with flowers, like they are actually growing in my spring garden.

After a first colouring attempt with two pearl nail polishes from Kiko I was not very happy how the colour gradient came out. Can anyone see I wanted a gradient from green to yellow? I see almost noting of it.

To rescue my nails I added some swirl nail tattoos, but still the result was lame, like you can see below.

The second try with green was even more frustrating: The quick drying polish dryed way too quick and I ended up with a very uneven coat. Nail stampig made my day, but as always I didn´t manage to stamp without some mistakes.

Looks as if I keep complaining, right? But we make mistakes to bring out our creativity! So I filled the gaps in the stamping with some tiny little blossoms, made with pink and white polish and a dotting tool.
Now that you know how I made my latest spring nails I hope you got a bit of inspiration. Using dotting and stamping tools is no big deal. I learned this from youtube.
Maybe some day I will make small tutorials in german, for nail artist noobs like me. But until I am an artist, and I don´t believe this time will ever come, I won´t do nail art. Right? Hugs, Baerbel

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