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Today I want to put the focus on the companies I have met during the Creativeworld. As you can imagine I haven’t seen them all, and if you miss any major company please let me know. I will see what I can do next year.

Creativeworld 2014

chapter 1: New trends, products and selected highlights
chapter 2: The companies
chapter 3: The show itself, local events, the Messe Frankfurt
chapter 4: The people
chapter 5: conclusion


Yesterday I talked about stamps and how happy I am that there are more and more companies selling high quality stamps these days. The biggest surprise was meeting Indigo Blu . At their booth I started my collection of business cards. The stack has never been that high, what is a good sign. More and more distibutors and manufacturers are visiting the creativeworld and we can participate from this development. More companies means more variety and avalability of products. There are thrilling times ahead!

One regular on the show is the german company Heindesign from Hagen, they organize the stamp event ‚Stempel Mekka‘ each year.

A new star among the stamp manufacturers is ‚‘ the name of her company is  „Different Colors“ and she attended the creativeworld for the first time this year.

As we all know the dutch speak german much better than we do and so it is no surprise Ludiec offers a variety of german text stamps too. I really like her style and will buy some soon.

My favourite distributor Rayher will raise his stock of stamps soon and  DoCrafts from the UK offer the pretty Gorjuss girls as stamps. Other companies make Clearstamps and brought them to the show.

I told you how much I like Rayher and Marabu yesterday, today I will show you some impressions from the show. Both companies showed their best ideas and inspirations to the expert audience.

Rayher shows a mix of heartiness and style:

Marabu invited the customers to join them and try the new fabric spritzers. (There is my friend Marianne, she was so busy!)

Even though Rayher is my favourite company, their competitor RICO had the most innovative booth. Unfortunately taking photos has been forbidden at Rico. I asked a very nice and helpful lady and got the permission to make pictures of the booth from outside. So I cannot show you the stunning interior. I wish they would do the math and learn all about blogging and instagram and how useful it can be for promoting new products. I hope you can get an idea of the booth design from this image:

When people are filmed they must be important. I do not know this guy, but I bet he is very important. He works for the publisher who made some crochet books with me.

By the way: ‚frech‘ means cheeky.

Frech has put some of my latest designs in a new book with ‚the 100 best crochet ideas‘. I am thrilled and proud! Another branch of frech is ‚Busse Seewald‚. They mainly print beautiful books in shabby chic style. A lady checked the latest releases and has been dressed perfectly for that, right?

Pretty, eh? I know I feel old by loving that shabby stuff. Young people love bright or clean colors. But thinking about it I assume that young people check the internet for inspiration, and older ones stick with books. Just sayin’….

I already told you a lot about Hahnemühle and Stillman&Birn as representative of paper manufacturers. Also about „Hobby and You“, who made some amazing decorations. They also showed a beautiful selection of scrapbooking papers, my friend Tanja was completely stunned!

I almost fainted at these pretty pretty houses and birdcages!

I have no pictures of my favourite embossingpowder manufacturer WOW, and Zutter Kutter, BoBunny and a lot more interesting companies.

Personal Impressions, a wholesaler from Great Britain, doubled the size of his booth compared to last year. I will show you pictures on friday because I met an extraordinary lady there. Stay tuned!

My last company for today will be Sizzix. They are a wonderful company and offer a wide variety of dies and products. As I am a Spellbinders girl I wish my beloved die cut people would visit the show next year. Before then we enjoy the pretty samples and ideas of the Sizzix booth.

This will be all for today. Tomorrow I put a spotlight on the show itself, its organisation and numbers. Come back tomorrow!

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