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It has been a while since I last made a project for the Spellbinders „Explore beyond„. Almost a year has gone by since I have been invited to the International Blog Ambassador group and met my fellow Spellbinders crafters.

This year has been amazing and I have met many new and inspiring friends. I do not know if I will be invited for another year, but no matter what- this year has been one of the best in my life!

For todays project I remembered what I said when I pimped my car with Spellbinders dies: The next project will be to decorate my house. I made another project last time ( my felted hat) but I never forgot what I have promised. So this time I deliver! I decorated the house.

What I had in mind was to work on glass. I WILL decorate my windows, but because in late winter no window is pretty enough to take photos I decided to work with my interior, with a glass door and give it the look of etched glass. The basic idea is pretty simple: I have die cut semi-transparent glass foil. Easy as pie. The tricky part was to cut the intricate design I have chosen, I had to use my metal shim. When I have cut the custom car signs the foil was like butter in my Grand Calibur, but the glass foil was a bit hard to cut. Some tiny details had to be refinished, but in the end it worked. I used the die SKU: S5-154 ‚Botanical swirls‚ for the project.

I glued the glass foil on the door window of the hallway. Upstairs lives a dear neighbour, a nice guy from Italy who has become family. He liked it! *phew* Because he has to see my new door every day it was important to me to please his eye.

I hope you like my idea and let me know if you follow my footsteps.

A last TIP to use the scrap: Save the backing of the foil! Those backing are always made with waxed paper and will be perfect for stenciling in your next mixed media or art journal project!






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