Karma has struck

Have you ever thought about carma, destiny or fortune? I bet you did!

Even though I live for 54 years now and think I should have realized how life works I still believe in that karma thing. And when I went to the movies lately I knew there was karma present. Why should the makers of Star Wars call their new android like my initials, BB? You see, it’s because karma want to send a message: eight!

The German term for 8 is acht, what means to take care if you translate it back into English. So the whole movie addiction of mine is finally falling into place. The meaningfullness of epic science fiction stories lead to this very spot in history: To tell me I should be aware of… yeah, of what?

Maybe the next episode of that fantasy saga will lead the way. For me.

For you it’s a complete different message. No idea which one. Sorry.

BB8 x 2
by Emigepa on DeviantArt

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