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good old friends

When I cross the german town „Paderborn“ I have to think of Penny Black. Why? Well, all the car signs show „PB“ and thats the nick name for this amazing stamp company.

I have special feelings about these stamps. They mean more to me than any other company. After I ran my stamp shop for a year I met my very first PB stamp. It was love on first sight. In Germany they have been completely unknown (yes, thats ages ago), and these first images have been less cute than the ones we know today. But we needed to sell them!

So we asked Penny Black in USA. It was my first company I imported directly from overseas. I stepped into all that credit card, customs and shipping stuff and had to get used to it.

The highlight during these days has been a visit to a huge crafts show in California, meeting the owner of PB. We met the card designers and brandnew images, it was heaven! We bought and sold so many stamps, we stopped counting them, we started counting the boxes. For a short period of time, I was the german distributer of Penny Black stamps. I still feel very proud about that.

But these days are gone, and I went back to family and household. Recently I started my very own stamp line, but still in the shadow ot this big and lovely company. I love PB and their style. I always will. Beside the fact that they are so well known for their cute images, they carry a nice line of non cuties, and I have some of these in my closet. I own some rare stamps that I will never ever give to anyone.

Last week I saw a challenge blog with a very special theme: Penny Black! Today I would like to participate, and show my very own interpretation of PB with my own stamps. The rule ist: At least one PB stamp. Can you find it? 😉

The challenge this week is a colour combo: Green Pink Yellow. *skriek* No problem! Again, my picture is lame, bad light, bad sharpness. But cute, cute, cute. For my beloved Penny Black. *hugs and kisses*

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