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beer bottle bag by Baerbel Born

Isn´t it funny? 6 „b“s in one sentence! I like to play with words. And with yarn. So I made a small project to prevent my fingers from becoming lazy.

I am a real german chick… I LOVE BEER! It´s healthy, regarding the fact that it comes with minerals and vitamins. Unfortunately it has to be drunken COLD. During wintertime that makes me suffer, because I don´t like to hold my cold beerbottle. *bbrrrrrr*

But I have a solution for you (and me): The beer bottle bag by Baerbel Born (that´s me)

Crochet a circle by starting with 5 chains, slip stitch and make 12 single crochet stitches in that ring. Then work in rounds and increase to get a circle (incr ea 2cnd in round 2, ea 3rd in round 3, ea 4th in round 4, and so on). If you reach the size of the bottle work with no further increases until the bag has the desired length. I added some fancy decorations and made a few triangles on top, each one with a small bell.

PS: If someone now wants to steal my beer… I can HEAR it! Clever girl!

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