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blooming nails

Today is the first weekend this year with a really warm and sunny Saturday. Me and my hubby had to work in the garden, and that made me feel its time for my first summer nails.

I have done hard yarden work before I painted my nails, so my hands kept shaking. Nevertheless the little flowers are ok, maybe with calm hands they would be more delicate.

The green colour was made by China Glaze: „Tree Hugger“. That describes me very well, and so I think I will come back to this fresh and friendly green even now and then. It has a decent pearlescent shine, unfortunately the image doesn´t show it.

The blooms are made with a dotting tool, white stamping nail polish and yellow glitter polish from KIKO. I took stamping polish, because it is a bit thicker than nomal polish and covers the green base coat very good. The yellow polish wasn´t that opaque and a bit of green came through where the base wasn´t covered by white polish.

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