Welcome to my very first blogpost as a Spellbinders International Blog Ambassador!

(german translation is here).

When I stumbled into the world of Spellbinders this spring, I couldn’t imagine I’d become a member of this vital community. But it all happened so fast and here I am.

I have been a crafter since I made my first Barbie dresses at the age of 5. This ‚habit‘ of mine is something I share with millions of other creative people. Nowadays we all meet online, share, inspire and virtual work with each other like a huge family. As I am a crafter of several orientations, I always try to bring my hobbies together. Using die cuts for sewing or decorations is only a question of ‚when‘, not ‚how‘. I recently made a quick tutorial for Mother’s Day with die cut foam, please check it out here: stucco technique. More craft ideas made with Spellbinders can be found HERE. And many more to come!

What I can ’stucco‘ can be steampunked, too. That brings me to my actual job as an international blog ambassador: To show the world a design idea influenced by my country’s history and mind. Many countries share a past of industrial revolution during the 19th century. Germany has participated and bloomed during that period of time. The area I am living in used water power for ages. Beautiful relics of craftsmenship and technical knowledge have been left and preserved by our ancestors.

In my neighbourhood I found a museum where the spirit of the early days of steam is still alive. In a former distillery you can visit one of the very last steam engines working. Please take a closer look at the Wilhelm Fabry museum. Nowadays the engine is running with electrical power for environmental reasons, but 130 years ago there has been this amazing engine working with the mighty power of steam, feeding all machines in the building with its motion.

Based on that local history I want to show you where modern craft tools and history can meet. I upcycled a dress form for your inspiration. The first picture was taken in front of the steam engine in the museum. The second comes right from my backyard!



Steampunk dressform

Because I like to make things for practical use, I transformed the dress form into a jewellery stand! You can put your favourite necklaces on there: rings and things, earrings and brooches.

What you need is… well, a dress form. I bought a cheap one and covered it with some newspaper decoupage and a copper finish.

Then I have been very busy to cut tons of sprockets with my beloved Spellbinders ‚Sprightly Sprockets‘ die and lots of brown foam (using foam that matches your desired colour will make it easier to paint it afterwards).

For the time travel effect I added a clock from Ikea, its insides and some plastic pipes.

Then glue the foam to your form and let dry. Paint with whatever you like and what works with foam. I used acrylic paint in copper, silver permanent stamp ink (Coloris) and some golden rub-on. For an additional „sprocket“ effect I have cut a few parts from a soda can. Plus some labels with the same soda can metal. I used ‚Ribbon Tags Trio Two‘.

The dress form can be used in several ways. For rings and my watch I added some hooks. Additional chains can hold brooches and earrings.

I think this is not a project you will do every day. But I have more smaller ones on my WIP (work in progress) list and will show them soon.

I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration. During the time travel back to the (fantasy-)steampunk era my photographing son had some fun with his mother and the steam engine. (Dear people from the museum: I am only pretending to push the valve!)

Many thanks and kind regards to the management of the Wilhelm Fabry museum for your kind permission to take photos in front of this beautiful steam engine. (PS: You really need an English version of that website!)
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  1. that is AMAZING!!! You are such a talent!

  2. Wow it’s really nice…Excellent work you did. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. Keep sharing more.

  3. I cannot believe I forgot to comment on this stunning, amazing and absolutely GORGEOUS project!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! WOW!!!

    Fantastic job, Baerbel <3

    {hugs} Sylvia

  4. What a beautiful piece of art, I just love it. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Unbelievable project Baerbel, this is amazing!!!

  6. Amazing! I’m at a loss for words, because I think it’s so fantastic!

  7. das ist ja ein colles teil o der coole kunst 🙂
    liebe gruesse und ein schönes wochenende!

  8. Anonymous

    Gefällt mir! Schöne Fotos! Coole Location! Sehr steamig!

  9. This is just fabulous! Really over the top gorgeous and creative. Love it!! Congrats on becoming a Spellblogger. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!

    • Thank you so much! It’s still such a great feeling to have all of you creative ladies on my watch list. I feel deeply honored and inspired! Big Hugs, Baerbel

  10. OMG Baerbel you gobsmacking rock big time. Worth taking to CHA I say

    • You are so kind, honey! I could put a camera in there and send it to them, then we can have a try it tuesday every day 🙂 BIG HUGS! Baerbel

  11. Goodness, this is a masterpiece, I think your photo is sweet too, were you trying to blow off steam!

  12. Baerbel, my jaw dropped. This is truly an amazing use of the dies and your imagination. I love this project!! I want to play in your room!!

    • Thank you!!! In my room you would instantly feel the need of straighten up! *lol* But yes, I would LOVE to meet all of you, you know which crazy bunch I have in mind! Next year I will participate again in the DT call, and I expect you to do the same! PS: Fingers still crossed here! Hugs! Baerbel

  13. FANTASTIC! Totally awesome! This is truly an amazing project!

    • Thank you Yana! You have made so amazing projects, so much more modern and beautiful, I am proud to (will) be mentioned on the same page like you! That means so much to me! HUGS, Baerbel

  14. That looks totally amazing Baerbel! It must have taken ages to make!

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