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Liebe Freunde! Ich habe auch einen deutschen Text dazu geschrieben, den findet ihr HIER

Dear Friends! Because there is so much to tell you about this show I will devide my report into several parts. Each day I will tell you a little bit more, after another blogpost is online I will link it here for your convenience.

creativeworld 2014

chapter 1: New trends, products and selected highlights
chapter 2: The companies
chapter 3: The show itself, local events, the Messe Frankfurt
chapter 4: The people
chapter 5: conclusion

The first image shows my favourite booth decoration, I will tell you more about it on the bottom of the post.

Creativeworld 2014

Chapter one: New trends, products and selected highlights

Where to start? On over 355.000 square meter there has been another ‚trippleshow‘, means there are three shows in one: christmasworld, paperworld and creativeworld. Me and my friends called it ‚cpc‘ to save time and breath, hehe. I ran a stamp shop back in 1998 until 2003, so I visited the creativeworld several times back then. Each time I went there for one day and never had any problems to see everything. This time I planned a two day visit and ran out of time! So much to see, so much to talk.

More and more companies from Europe and the rest of the world attend the creativeworld. Backgroundstories and details about the development of the show will be given here on thursday, I hope you come back for that.

More companies means more products, obviously. Back in 2000 the amount of new releases has been really neat. Nowadays you need two brains to save them all on your harddrive. I asked my friend Tanja to join me, and she helped me sorting all the information we have got.

As usual, the companies did their job showing off the latest products. Many booths offered make-and-take and demos with well known designers (more about that on friday). For the first time the ‚Messe Frankfurt‘ invited bloggers to write about all three shows. We have got plenty of information and support plus some goodie bags from my favourite paint manufacturer Marabu.

I can only try and do my very best to give you a quick tour of the show. You will see everything though my eyes and I hope you like it. If my friends from my design teams read this: I wish you could have join me there. We would have had so much fun! Maybe next time.

The first booth I ran into was ‚Indigo Blu‚ my favourite stamp company in the UK. I saw them last year and started a wishlist. When I told the owner how much I love his designs he had some very good news for me: The german crafts distributor Rayher will add some of the Indigo Blue stamps to his stock.

On the creativeworld the poeple of Indigo Blu offered a new glue ink and some bling to work with this ink. Fortunately I was told at Rayher they will carry this ink too. I am looking forward working with it.

See the dress forms at the Indigo Blu stand? Aren’t they adorable? We did a similar technique back in 1999, but Indigo Blu made some stunning samples with new techniques that make our old dress forms look dull. I was so thrilled by this decoration that I came back to the booth several times.

Knowing that we can buy some of the stamps in Germany soon makes me nervous: I want them now! Rayher told me we have to wait until march. How shall I stand the waiting? But I will tell all my german crafting friends to enter craft shops in march and ask for the new stamps offered by Rayher!

Rayher has an impressive and beautiful booth each year. You always can see all displays but still walk through and discover more. Because I bought a lot during my time as a stamp shop owner I know them so well. What I didn’t know is the fact the whole huge company is still a family business, amazing! I will tell you more about it in one of the next posts.

Because the booth was large they had four demo and make-and-take tables. One was filled with Fiskars goodies and a lady demonstrated the latest development from Fiskars, the ‚Fuse Creativity System‘.

It was introduced in 2013, but ist still new to many retailers. Brandnew products go with the fuse machine, which can be folded up for easier storage.

As the granddaughter of a book printer one new item caught my eye: A kind of easy to use silkscreen technique for crafters, they can use it on fabric and other surfaces as well. That may not be an innovative product but I like the simplicity of the usage, I try to get my hand on it and adapt it to my needs.

After visiting several other booths I went to Marabu, a german manufacturer for quality craft paint and supplies. I worked with them last year and after getting deeper into mixed media I tested some of their paints with my gelli plate. What I really missed in the Marabu range have been stencils appropriate for artsy techniques. I was eager to talk to my friends at Marabu and ask them for new stencil designs. But guess what happened? I came closer to the booth and saw…well… new stencils, absolutely perfect for all my needs! Like a dream come true! I asked for a very pretty and useful stencil and will get it soon to play with. Marabu has recognized the trend of mixed media and offers some really cool tools and paints to play out this fun and fulfilling art style.

As a new product release Marabu demonstrated the new stencils in addition to new fabric spray paints. The paints work on all kind of fabric or – as I assume – on other surfaces too. This makes those paints even interesting for crafters who want to try art journaling or mixed media.

Next stop – Brother. Two weeks ago the company showed a brandnew plotter and won the first prize as the most innovative product on the craft show CHA in Anaheim/CA. This plotter is not only able to cut intricate shapes and designs, it also can scan what you want to cut with 300 DPI.

The Scan-Plotter seems to really work well, I have watched several demos and have been almost convinced. But for me the advantage of a plotter system would be the ability to cut my very own designs. I need to think about that, because the machine costs a fortune!

I show you a picture of the booth, the german distributor for Brother. A close up from the machine will follow when I talk about the people I met on the creativeworld. Stay tuned.

Another big player in the crafting world is Faber Castell, some crafters from the US may know them as ‚memory craft design‘. Yes, they produce the famous Gelatos, but not in Germany. Last year I asked the german company branch for PITT artist pens and got the answer they discontinued those pens. Well, it seems they didn’t, because they have been at the booth and can be bought from shops in Germany and all over Europe. Yay!

I also asked them about offering Gelatos in Germany. I got an answer, but if I tell you all about it I will have to kill you. Sorry. 😉

At the Faber booth was a demo for a new kind of dough. We ALL know the polymer clay ‚Fimo‘ Faber is famous for, now they offer a new kind of clay that will stay flexible after baking. Sounds cool.

I told you about stamps, paints and paper cutting. But there is one product that is important for all those techniques and products. The paper! Last week a huge german paper manufacturer made a contest for free tickets for the show and I won two. So I could ask my friend Tanja to come with me. We both went to Hahnemuehle to say thank you for the tickets.

Each year I visit the Hahnemuehle booth to get some of their supercute little paper sample blocks. This year I tried to take one very stealthy but I was caught. I told the lady who I am and she was so nice! I have got the block and so many more! The reason why I collect all kind of papers is because I want to try and compare all paper qualities to find the perfect paper for watercoloring, stamping and alcohol pens. When I spoke to the lady she gave me so many samples for all those techniques, I will have to work hard to try them all!

The latest product from Hahnemuehle is a sketch book with a coloured front and back, matching the binding. Beside the stylish look of the books they offer the finest quality paper for every purpose. I made some pictures for you but this will have to wait until I want to show you the amazing artist who was sketching at the booth into the books. I am looking forward to tell you all about it.

I have shown you a selection of products. To show them all would fill a book. Some interesting new releases I will show you by giving a link to the place where to find them online:

Spellbinders had lots of new dies to show but one thing really popped out: The new ‚Tool n‘ One‘can brush off all of the paper scraps that love to sit in every tiny little bit of the delicate dies. One pass and its all gone! Spellinders won the third prize of the innovation award on the CHA with it. The lovely lady who invented this cool tool has her own website: Cindy, you rock!

Ranger offers a new spritzer tool but I must confess I wonder what the fuss is all about: I had such blowing tools back in the 90s and never loved them. So why should I like them now?

A big surprise was the american paper company ‚Stillmann and Birn‘ who offers lovely books for sketching and mixed media. The paper is coated so that artjournaling becomes a lot easier. No more pre-painting with gesso needed!

One company really caught my eye, ‚Hobby and You‘ is a brandnew wholesale company for scrapbooking and dollhouse supply with very low prices (check the small image on top of the post). Talking to the salesman was interesting, he said a whole village is working for them and making a living with it. Sounds good to me. They are now looking for business contacts and I will tell you where you can buy their products as soon as I know all about it.

One last product I want to turn the spotlight on: A book. A crochet book. Only few of you may know that I wrote crochet books. Some of my crochet designs in various books made their way into a ‚best of‘ book that was released on the creativeworld. One of my projects can be seen on the back of the book, the striped sock. Funny enough, it is my favourite sock ever, and I wear it often. I called it ‚beetlejuice‘, can you guess why?

I saw so much more and heard so many things. A lot of the products will be tested by me soon, or throughout the year. The creativeworld keeps me busy until the next show will start. And this year it was huge, it grew ever since I have been there for the very first time, so many years ago.
More about it can be found in this blog tomorrow. Love ya, Baerbel

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