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logobbminiThe last weeks have been so busy for me. Several shows to attend, demos to make, friends to visit. The most amazing things happened and one thing kept me and some of my dearest crafting friends busy: Katie.

To explain who Katie is, I need to look back to the decades of my crafting live. After I worked in the stamp business and ran a stamp shop for several years I have never quit that hobby completely. One thing never changed: There are products out there we all need, want and can use but never heard of, don’t know where to buy or bought and forgot after storing them.

Every creative mind can tell what she or he likes and where to buy that stuff. But have you ever heard of similar products and techniques from other companies, that may work the same wonders you know from your favorite company? So many products and so limited time, eh? When I saw the american website ‚crafttestdummies‚ I knew this is a path I want to walk. But it had to be different, match german taste and needs. So I asked a bunch of creative folks living nearby and have been so lucky: I found a group of amazing and talented people going with me.

We worked on that project for several weeks until we launched our new website ‚‘ what means we try and test crafting products. We concentrate on german companies and products which are available in Germany. We want to give an overview on products, shops and techniques. It is a long walk, but I hope we will accomplish this task.

One of my first official articles has been online this morning. I hope there will be much more. The are written in german. But we will spread our mind and wings to connect the crafting world. Even if you cannot read a word I hope you will take a look and let me know what you think. has a nickname: ‚KT‘ or ‚Katie‘. Easy to remember. Send us some hugs, thank you.

Für den deutschen Text schaut bitte morgen wieder ins Blog. *knuddel*

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