Whereto go, blogger?

Many people don’t know anything about blogging, and they don’t care. Others live for their blog and love their daily adventure.

I started blogging back in 2006 with a few quick words, because I stumbled upon this new way of talking to myself and a few lovely readers.

Blogging has changed a lot since these early days. There are the professionals, the beginners, the good, the bad and the ugly. ( my husbands favourite movie )

But for someone who took blogging way too serious, I can say I do not feel like it any longer. The gap between what I am and what I show becomes larger every day.

Thinking about how to change the direction of my blog I found some others, who feel the same. Since blogging has become more and more profitable, the real me keeps fading. If you get paid for your work, you have to deliver. This is absolutely ok. But there are those, who try to convince everyone not to blog for free.

Sorry, but  my intention to blog has always been to

  • Talk about my hobbies, thoughts and knowledge
  • Have fun
  • Give knowledge and inspiration to those who are seeking for it

If I would have to make my living with blogging, I am pretty sure it will loose the fun and playful character for me.

Again, everyone is free to do what he or she wants. Even getting rich with blogging, it’s just not my path.

With that beeing said, I took a step into my way of blogging by installing my sandbox. It’s more of a playground than a blog. The other part of my website, formerly known as blog, became a magazine now.

This magazine has been pending in my mind for over a year now. But I didn’t have the guts to call it like that, because no one would understand. Today I saw another.. well, blog called magazine. Why have I been so afraid to follow my instincts?

Remember, I have never been paid for blogging. I have to admit I have got free products, which I use for my crafts. But most of the materials I would have bought anyway, so I do not have to bend my honest opinion about it. I can stay true and be myself.

With all those doubts and conflicting thoughts in mind I finally changed the name of my blog into magazine. The blogging happens in the sandbox now.

I changed my profession from blogger to creative coach. I know, this is not a profession, but I like playing with names anyone can choose. It says all and nothing.

So welcome the new Baerbel, video shooting grandmother and no-blogger, easily bored by mainstream online hypes and trends. Always looking for FRESH inspiration and sometimes looking for herself. Lost in the worldwideweb or the local woods. Old and new. Magazine selfpublishing diy enthusiast. Or just an aged girl from the 80s still wondering about the endless possibilities of this web, and wanting to see it all. Until the end of time.

Support is LOVE

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