wishing well / Wunschbrunnen

Wishing Well

Klopapier Verstecker

This is a toilet paper cozy!
Hi! I will try another crochet pattern. I still struggle with the correct terms and descriptions, please leave a comment if there is anything wrong or could be written better.
sc=single crochet
hdc= half double crochet
dc=double crochet
tc=triple crochet
Yarn: Lyric, by Coats, 70m /50 gramm
1 skein grey, 1 skein brown
Hook: 3.5 (European size)
4 ch, make ring with sl in first ch
(Note: Begin every round with 2 ch instead of first sc, or 3 ch instead of first dc)
Round 1: 12 sc
Round 2: increase by make 2 sc in every second sc of round 1.
Round 3: increase by make 2 sc in every third sc of round 2.
Round 4: increase by make 2 sc in every third sc of round 3.
Round 5: increase by make 2 sc in every fourth sc of round 4.
Round 6: increase by make 2 sc in every fifth sc of round 5.
Round 7: increase by make 2 sc in every sixth sc of round 6.
Round 8: increase by make 2 sc in every seventh sc of round 7.
Please note: Adjust increases to your yarn and way of crocheting. Add more stitches if necessary, to get a flat circle. Close to the edge of the toilet paper roll, continue with grey yarn.
Round 9: continue with dc and increase by making 2 dc in every seventh sc of round 8.
Round 10: now decrease all dc that you increased in round 9 by finishing 2 dc together.
Repeat from here, no more increases or decreases needed.

Klopapier Verstecker

Brown: 1 round sc, before making every sixth sc get thread by stitch into the sc of brown round below. (after the first two grey rounds you have to stitch 2 rows below, after that you need to get thread 1 row below) if you pulled the thread through sc below, get another loop as if you make a normal sc in actual row and pull loop through the loop you got from below and finish sc as usual. That gives you a big stitch right over the grey dc round below the one you are actually making.
Grey: 1 dc in every sc of round below.
Continue by repeating these 2 rounds until desired size of the “wall”. For my toilet paper roll I needed 5 repeatings.
You may cast off the last sc if you like.

Klopapier Hut

If you want a nice “plaster” effect, continue with crocheting “cobbles”: work with grey yarn and increase by double every sixth dc. For the uneven effect, make random shapes by making one or more sc, followed by one or more hdc, followed by one or more dc, followed by one or more hdc, followed by one or more sc, and so on. Make as much rounds as you like. If you got the desired shape of the cobbles, cast off, and add some “stones” by embellishing with brown yarn.
Feel free to go on with embellishing. I made some “vines” by making chains and connect to the well here and there. Add small flowers (I made some with 5 picots in a chain ring)
Pull over toilet paper and put into shape. I finished the “floor” with some starch and ironed flat, but this is optional.
Have fun and never ever look for your toilet paper again.